Nicole Beutler

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Nicole has been continuously working on German and international movies and TV productions since 1990.

Amongst her biggest successes is her current run in the TV series “Mountain Medic” (“Der Bergdoktor”) with approx. seven million viewers per episode in Germany and Austria.

Similarly, she is particularly well known for “Suburbia - Women On The Edge", (2015-2020), „Walking On Sunshine“ (2019-2020) and “Schloßhotel Orth” (1996-2003). International movie productions include “Princesse Marie” (2004), directed by Benoît Jacquot, and “Klimt” (2006), directed by Raúl Ruiz. “Der Mann mit dem Fagott” (2011), a portrait of famous Austrian musician Udo Jürgens, has received several awards.

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