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Since 2008, Nicole has delighted audiences with her chanson performances. Accompanied by the renowned Wiener Theatermusiker, the francophile actress and singer takes the listener on a journey from Vienna to Paris. Singing chansons made famous by many artists, including Greta Keller and Juliette Greco, she ventures into new artistic terrain. “Even as a child, I loved this music”, says Nicole. “To perform it on stage, without acting a part, is a wonderful challenge.”

The reviews have been outstanding.

“Nicole Beutler transforms every song into an outstanding intimate play. She really can sing, and she is a fantastic performer. Stylish, noble, intelligent and moving – the world of chansons doesn't get any better than this.”

“Austrian charm”, “enchanting performance.”
(Kronen Zeitung)

“In her lovingly arranged programme, Nicole Beutler masters the dizzing tounge-twisters of Jacques Brel as well as the more gentle chansons of the French and German repertoire.”